THE LIVE SOCIETY is an international experienced band with an ecxeptional amount of empathy and charisma. Especially with their powerful partysound as well as their light lounge music THE LIVE SOCIETY adds to an successful and stylish event. The climax of every show are the extraodinarily charismatic "voices" with their musical roots in soul, jazz and pop. They celebrate every song to an unique pleasure.

“Music goes straight to your heart and touches the soul.
It´s a permanent celebration of the human spirit
and the universal brotherhood that everyone shares.”
Carlos Santana

Dedication & Experience

THE LIVE SOCIETY’s repertoire is remarkable. It includes the scoreless presentation of timeless classics as well as all current chart hits from pop, jazz, soul and disco. The long-lasting experience gives the band that unique intuition for an evening´s dramatic composition and the flexibility to meet special customer requests. Being highly commited in their engagements on several high-class events in Europe or Asia and the undivided sympathy of an ambitious and prominent audience are emphasizing the success of
THE LIVE SOCIETY in an impressive way.

“I did it my way.”
Frank Sinatra

cover musik weimar band

Flexibility & Success

Music is expressive and sensual. Music is delight and pleasure. Music is the pulsation of life. But only with truthfulness and a lively presence music will create the energy that carries an audience and reach their hearts. The performances of the band are always wafted by authentic emotions and the excitement for their own action.

It is a real pleasure to experience THE LIVE SOCIETY live on stage.

"You have to slip into the soul of every song,
have to really live it and let the music speak with their own voice.”
Whitney Houston